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Party and Catering Equipment Rentals

Our party and catering equipment rentals are available for caterers or anyone planning to cater their own party. I have custom boiling pots, Cajun cooking equipment and catering related equipment available for rent.  

The boilers are mainly used for food prep but could also be used for other types of boiling applications.

Please visit the crawfish boil rentals website to view the items available for rent. 

The “full service” Trailer Package - $485 per day - Looking for a one stop shop? Everything you need to cook and serve your crawfish is in the trailer. If you don't see what you need, we'll get it! All you need is your crawfish and favorite sides. 

Trailer is equipped with the following;

“Roll Top” Boiling pot (2 or 4 sack) w/ regulator/hose(tank if applicable)
Holding container(s) with scoop for holding/serving cooked crawfish and vegetables
(2) Wash baskets for crawfish washing prior to boiling
One serving Table
75 Serving Trays – Disposable white foam flip-top –“to-go” tray, (3-4 lb capacity)
Heavy Duty Rubber gloves- For handling and cooking
Neoprene Surgical Gloves – For the sensitive hands
Tables & Chairs – Seating for appr. 50
Two Trash Cans W/Liners

It is common for most folks to use 60 or 80 qt boiling pots for hosting the annual family crawfish or seafood boil. Let’s face it, these pots are not large enough to put out the volume in some cases. They typically max out at 1 sack of crawfish every 20 min or so leaving some folks waiting for those later batches. My pots handle 2-4 sacks and can be boiled in 6-8 minutes leaving no hungry stomach waiting.  

My custom boiling pots are ideal for fundraiser s special events or private parties. For an extra price, the pot will come with a operator. In addition to the large boiling bots and cast iron cooking equipment checkout our tables, chairs and small tents.  

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