Cajun Dirty Rice Recipe

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Cajun Dirty Rice Recipe

Cajun dirty rice is one of those dishes that adds a little cajun flare to the menu. My recipe is a quick and easy way of preparing this dish.  I prefer using a pre-prepared dressing mix as opposed to dicing or grinding up the all meat parts that go into true homemade dressing mix. Making it from scratch is time consuming and not necessary, as for as I 'm concerned.  My favorite  brand is Savioes dressing mix which can be purchased online at                          

Here in Louisiana, we serve cajun dirty rice with dishes like B-B-Q, baked chicken or fried foods. Or simply use it as a side dish with your favorite meal. This recipe should provide   (10) 6-8 oz servings.

Cajun Dirty Rice Recipe
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80/20 Groundmeat            1 lb
Savoies Dressing Mix         1 lb
Chopped Onions & Bell Pepper   1 cup
Minced Garlic                   1 tbsp
Tony Chachere Seasoning         1 tsp
Water                             8-12 ozs
Chopped Green Onions             1/2 cup
Chopped Parsley                      2 Tbsp
Cooked white rice                    5-7 cups


Dirty rice dressing mix can be prepared in advance of other food items. Once meat mix is prepared you can put aside until ready to serve.

Start off by cooking ground meat fully in a 6-8 qt pot. Add Savoies dressing mix (should be thawed before using), onions, bell pepper and minced garlic and bring to a boil, add water then simmer (15-20 min).  The mixture may appear to be soupy, but have no fear this will reduce some and the extra moisture is needed to ensure a moist Cajun dirty rice dish. Be sure to monitor water levels while simmering. Some reduction is acceptable but you do not want to let it thicken or dry out. Remove from heat after 15-20 min. of simmering.

When ready to serve, heat mixture up again, add cooked rice and chopped green onions/Parsley. Mix well and season with Tony Chachere seasoning to taste. Tony’s can be spicy so add respectfully and taste as you go. I sometimes add and taste 1-3 times to get it just right.

Find hard to get items needed for my cajun dirty rice recipe and many other cajun recipes at                                . 

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Cajun Dirty Rice Recipe
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