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Crawfish SeasoningCrawfish Seasoning
Crawfish SeasoningCrawfish SeasoningCrawfish Seasoning
Crawfish SeasoningCrawfish SeasoningCrawfish SeasoningCrawfish Seasoning
Crawfish SeasoningCrawfish SeasoningCrawfish Seasoning
Crawfish SeasoningCrawfish Seasoning
Crawfish Seasoning
Crawfish SeasoningCrawfish Seasoning
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2.5 – I collect a name and email address to communicate purposes and functions of our website, or to change terms and conditions of use.

3.  Protection under Data Protection Act 1998

3.1 - Personal “sensitive information” as defined in the Data Protection Act 1998 will be disclosed only with your expressed consent (see 5.1 below).

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5.1 - reserves the right to access and disclose any collected information of a personal nature to comply with applicable laws and lawful demand.

6. How Do I Protect Your Personal Information?

6.1 - I have security procedures in place for storage and disclosure to prevent unauthorized access, and to comply with the Data Protection Act 1998.  We always ask for proof of identity before disclosing any personal information.

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December 2009

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1. Consent

1.1 - Use of this website signifies your consent for collecting and using personal information.  Should choose to change this policy for any reason, changes will be posted here.  You are always kept informed of how information is collected, how it is used, and when I may disclose it.

2. How Do I Collect Information About You and How Is It Used?

2.1 – I collect an e-mail address when an internet communication comes to us.  I collect a name and email address to subscribe to our newsletter or monthly promotion services.

2.2 – I collect a name and e-mail address to allow participation in an internet forum with others.

2.3 - I collect a name, postal address and e-mail address to allow participation in a promotion.

                 Your privacy is most important to me pledges to treat your privacy with serious consideration.  I do not solicit specific personal information, information tendered in protest, or any information tendered involuntarily.  All personal information collected by me is provided by the user of this website solely on a voluntary basis.