Easy Boneless Chicken Recipe
              Chicken Fricassee

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Easy Boneless Chicken Recipe

Easy Boneless Chicken Recipe
     (Chicken Fricassee)
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Chicken Breast (Boneless)1 lb
Chicken Thighs (Boneless)1 lb
Chopped Onion   1 Cup
Chopped Bell Pepper½ Cup
Chopped Garlic  1 Tbsp
Savoies Light  Roux 4 Tbsp (Heaping)
Water         1 qt
Vegetable oil     ¼ cup
Cooked Rice      4 cups
Chad's All-Out Seasoning    To Taste

Thickner  (optional)
Water     ½ cup
Flour       1  tbsp


Cut up the chicken in 1” x 1” cubes. Season generously with Chad's seasoning and put aside.  You can trim the larger pieces of fat off the chicken if you wish, but, leave a little fat for real cajun cooking flavor. The thigh meat will contribute heavily in the flavor department.

In  a thick-walled aluminum or cast iron pot.  Heat vegetable oil and add the meat.  Brown for about  15 minutes over high heat, stirring occasionally to rotate the meat.  Add vegetables  and continue stirring until meat and vegetables are singed thoroughly.

Add water to the pot, bring to boil and add Savoies roux or use homemade  roux. Once boiling, lower heat and simmer for 40 minutes. The gravy should reduce and thicken. If not, reduce further by simmering or whisk in, slowly, a little flour /water mixture to thicken things up. Season to taste before serving. Be sure to check for saltiness. Cooking with roux requires salt to offset any bitterness from the roux.

Cajun Fricassee – An Easy Boneless Chicken Recipe

Traditionally, fricassee is hearty gravy, a Cajun stew made with roux, served on rice.  Fricassee is flavorful brown gravy which preserves the flavors of the chicken. You can experiment with this easy boneless chicken recipe by substituting any cut of pork or meatballs and enjoy Cajun cooking. Serve with your favorite steamed vegetables and hot buttered French bread.

I hope you enjoy my easy boneless chicken recipe. Please visit my recipe page and find other authentic Cajun cooking recipes.

Bon Appetit!


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