Cajun Roast

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Cajun Roast

This recipe is for a cajun roast and represents exactly what I like to on Sunday afternoon  when I want to spend some time in the kitchen and have a little fun. The roast recipe is best prepared in a black pot or thick walled magnalite roaster. This dish will test your homemade brown gravy technique to the fullest.  It’s not easy for a first timer to get this dish right, so don’t be disappointed with your first go at it if it does not turn out just the way you expected.  I have a page dedicated to the technique of makin’ brown gravy the old fashion way. Please visit this page as I do not provide detail on this technique in this cajun roast recipe. 


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Cajun Roast
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Boston Butt Pork Roast (Boneless)            3-5 lbs
Chad’s Seasoning or Tony’s                        ¼ cup   
Chopped Onion                                 1 ½ cup
Chopped Bellpeper                             ½ cup
Chopped Garlic                               1 ½ tbsp
Vegetable Oil                                    ½ cup
Dried Parsley                              1 tbsp
All Purpose Flour                       2 tbsp
  Water                                                    ½ gal


First, season roast on all sides and set side, preferably overnight in the fridge. Heat oil in pot and begin to brown roast on med-high heat. Adjust roast in pan periodically to brown all surfaces of roast. Continue to brown the roast as indicated in my page makin’ brown gray (all the vegetables will be used during the browning process)

Once the browning process is finshed add 1/2 gallon of water, bring to boil then reduce to a simmer for 30 min. At this point, I like to remove the roast from the pot and slice it in ½” pieces then place it back in the pot to finish tenderizing and reducing requiring an additional 30-40 min simmering.

After 30-40 min of simmering, the gravy should be hearty, if it is not, I use a water/flour mixture to thicken the gravy. In a bowl, mix approximately ½ cup of water and 1 ½ tbsp of flour. The trick here is to pour slowly or a little at a time and whisk in the thickener. It will thicken very quickly, so watch it closely and add to your desired thickness.
Lower the heat and add dried parsley flakes and a final dose of seasonings to taste. Tony’s may be to spicy for some folks , so if the pepper is just right and it’s not salty enough, you will just have to add salt separate to taste. Serve over white rice along with your favorite bean dish.

I hope you enjoy the my Cajun roast and please visit my Cajun food recipes pages for the latest additions and find your favorite Cajun recipe.

Bon Appetit!


Should you have any questions or would like to discuss a Cajun Catering Services, please feel free to

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The Cajun roast can also be stuffed with my Cajun stuffing as a nice added touch to your roast experience. Please find below my Cajun roast recipe.
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