Crawfish Boil Recipe  

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Crawfish Boil Recipe - The Cajun Way

Fire up a good crawfish boil recipe and you will have no better way to get family and friends together. Even your neighbors will be jealous with crawfish envy. Boiled crawfish is a food item that is never taken for granted because it is not a simple production and not something you do for one or two people unless you really enjoy outdoor cooking.

I’ve been catering crawfish boils around the country for 15 years and my crawfish boil recipe has evolved with me over this time.   It’s simple and it’s get the job done.  I hope you enjoy. 

Crawfish Boil Recipe in Action!!
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Ingredients - Crawfish Boil Recipe

Method for My Crawfish Boil Recipe

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1                 Sack of Crawfish (35-40 lbs)
12-14          ½ ears  Cob Corn
 3 lbs          Small Red Potatoes ("b" size)
½ cup          Melted Butter
2-4 lbs        Seafood Boil Seasoning      

1-2 lbs        Salt
8-12 ozs     Zatarains Liquid Seafood Boil
50-60 qt pot with basket and lid. 
A jet burner and propane tank. 
A big spoon will also be handy.

Getting Started Boiling the Crawfish

First step for my crawfish Boil recipe is adding crawfish to the basket and rinse crawfish thoroughly.  (If you would  like to purge your crawfish, see my page on purging crawfish.). 

Next, add water to the pot until about 1/3 full and pour in the liquid seafood boil. I add nothing else to the water. Bring to a boil and submerge the basket of crawfish in the boiling water. Place lid on pot bring back to a boil. Once boiling, remove lid, reduce to hard simmer and stir crawfish every minute or so.

The length of time it takes to bring the water back to a boil will depend on the equipment your are using. Typically this is done with a jet type burner and 3-5 minutes would be about the average time to bring pot back to a boil. Other less efficient types of burner assemblies may take as long as 15 min. The crawfish need only 3-4 of actual boiling time to fully cook.  This may seem short but you must realize that even though the water is not boiling, it will be hot enough to start cooking the crawfish while waiting to return to a boil. The crawfish will float when cooked. The easiest way to tell when to take them out is to remove a crawfish from the water and seperate the tail from the head. If the yellow fat remains attached to the tailmeat, it is time to remove the crawfish from the boiling water so they do not over cook. If you follow my direction, you will always have crawfish that peel easily.

Seasoning the crawfish

I use a seasoning bathe to season my cooked crawfish. There are many ways to season crawfish and I have developed my own way, like many others have done. While the crawfish are cooking, I recommend preparing an ice chest for the boiled crawfish. Place about an inch of hot water (from the boiling pot) in the ice chest and add ½ lb of Chad’s Seafood Seasoning and stir it til it is dissolved completely. This seasoning mixture will be used to temper the crawfish (cool down to stop cooking). Pour crawfish into the seasoned water and add a little more dry seasoning on top spice it up a little more. Stir all the crawfish very well and let steam for 5 minutes.  Grab from the bottom  of the ice chest (that's where the juicy ones are!) with a scoop and serve em' up.

TIP- As the crawfish cool down they will begin to absorb the seasonings from the seasoning bathe.

Why are my crawfish tails hard to peel?

If crawfish are cooked to long, they will not peel well, in fact, the meat will be stuck in the shell and be difficult to remove. I have never had a crawfish tail peel badly for any other reason. (That’s my experience talking) 
Bon Appetit!

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